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Black Masterbatch is Designed For a Wide Range Of Color Depth.

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Our color labs are equipped with advanced technology and machinery in the market.

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We provide high-quality black masterbatches that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and extreme weather conditions. We can quickly fill in orders for functionality, simplicity and special black blends to meet your exact requirements. We also produce a series of very competitive prices. -The black masterbatch in the infrared range has significant environmental benefits. The pigments contained in the NIR do not contain carbon, so the polymer can be identified in the waste sorting plant for recycling. SARV produce black masterbatches worth very high dispersion property and good opacity. It will also provide very smooth surface and weather ability, Refer Application of SARV Black Masterbatches –

  • PE films and Laminated Trapaulin.

  • Rotomoulded Tanks, PP fivers and Filaments.

  • HDPE Pipes for agriculture and Telecom duct pipes.

  • Engineering Plastics and Automobile Inds.

  • Fibers PET, PP, and Nylon.

  • Sheet & Pipe Extrusion.

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