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SARV making compounds of special materials that have a high degree of difficulty in dispersion.

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Our color labs are equipped with advanced technology and machinery in the market.

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When it comes to SARV color masterbatches, we are always evolving and moving forward.

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We rely on our facilities to deliver the exact color masterbatch you need, exactly when you need it.



SARV has extensive experience in the production of composite materials with different polymer types, functions and molding characteristics by utilizing the ability to disperse materials that are usually difficult to disperse at a high level, SARV is producing different kinds of filled compounds for specific applications like Calcium filled compounds, TALC filled compounds, Flame Retarded PE compounds, refer Application of SARV filled compounds:

  • SARV filled compounds used in Woven sacks.

  • Films, Raffia tapes, Injection moulded furniture.

  • Injection moulded Crates.

  • moulded items, Automobile Components.

  • Household Appliances.

  • Roto moulded products & Extruded items

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